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Frequently Asked Questions From Our Customers

Our customers rely on our 40 years of experience in Oakville. Serving the Mississauga, Burlington and Milton areas, we do our best to educate our customers about their chimneys, and the importance of sweeping and cleaning your fireplaces.

Why Is Chimney Cleaning Necessary?

When wood, coal, oil and artificial fire logs burn, they can generate tars, creosotes and other invisible by-products of incomplete combustion. These by-products rise up your chimney and condense onto the cool surface of the flue. All it takes is the right amount of creosote and a simple spark, and you've got a chimney fire of up to 3000°F. A blaze that may not only cause structural damage to your chimney, but could also destroy your home. That's why it's important to have a professional chimney sweep remove the creosote regularly.

How Often Should I Clean My Chimney?

A general rule of thumb to follow is a chimney should be cleaned every 50 to 60 fires. Usage of 4 to 7 nights per week should be cleaned a minimum of twice per season.

If you notice an odd smell, it is usually due to creosote deposits in the chimney, a natural byproduct of wood burning. The odor is usually worse in the summer when the humidity is high or on rainy days when the air is heavy. A tight sealing, top mounted damper will also reduce this air flow coming down the chimney. It is also possible an animal is living in the chimney or has died in the chimney.

Book an Appointment

For a fair, reliable quote for chimney sweeping and oil furnace cleaning, contact us for a quote. We also provide animal removal services as well as wood stove cleaning.

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