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Chimney Sweeping & 24/7 Gas Appliances Services in Oakville

Oliver Chimney Services is committed to customer satisfaction in Oakville. Serving the Mississauga, Burlington and Milton areas, we strive to provide the best professional service for your money. Maintaining a strong relationship with our customers, we enjoy a great word-of-mouth reputation. You will be sure to remember the jolly sweeps at Oliver Chimney Services! 

At Oliver Chimney Services, we know how important it is to leave any home we service as clean as possible. Our chimney sweeps have a professional attitude, and always maintain a clean work environment.

Cleaning and Sweeping Services

Oliver Chimney Services offers:

  • Fireplace cleaning
  • Wood stove cleaning
  • Clearing out gas furnaces
  • Oil furnace cleaning
  • Repair broken flue tiles

We clean from the top down, not from the bottom to top like other companies. We’ll clean the exterior as well as go completely inside the chimney to do what we have to do.

Animal Removal Service

Our chimney professionals offer the capture and friendly release of squirrels, raccoons, birds in their nests and other animals that find their ways in chimneys. We remove the nest, clean the chimney and then close entrances with the proper screens and ring caps to keep animals out for the future.

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